Move Workshop

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Venue: Petrology Lab, Birkbeck

(details on how to locate the lab can be found here, at the bottom of the page)

Date: Tuesday, January 5th

Time: 9 am to 5.15 pm

Midland Valley will deliver a training course in using Move™ software.

Outline –

Midland Valley will be running a day-long workshop on Tuesday 5th January providing a hands-on introduction to quantitative fault analysis and elastic dislocation modelling using two new tools within the Move software suite. Attendees will learn how to build geologically realistic models, perform geometric restorations in 2D and 3D and interrogate their models using advanced fault analysis and modelling techniques.

The Fault Analysis tool allows users to analyse displacement distributions on faults through time in three-dimensional space. Using statistical analysis, juxtaposition relationships and quantitative sealing proxies, the tool provides powerful validation of geological models and insights into the economic significance of faults.

Fault Response Modelling module is a boundary element, elastic dislocation tool which allows users to simulate displacement on faults and, taking the mechanical properties of the surrounding medium into account, provides a quantitative assessment of the resultant stress and strain. It can be used to identify highly fractured zones and model fracture orientations based on the modelled stress perturbations around faults. Resolving shear and normal stress relationships allows the failure potential of nearby faults as well as individual fractures to be assessed.

Topics covered will include:

Importing data and building geological models in Move;

Using geometric tools to build constrained geological models;

Interpretation validation;

Geometric restoration;

Fault Analysis – displacement distribution and seal analysis in time and space;

Fault Response Modelling – Elastic dislocation modelling theory and application.


Measuring and modelling: An introduction to Fault Analysis and Fault Response in Move

Tuesday January 5th

TSG 2016, University College London

Hugh Anderson & Cathal Reilly


09.00-09.15 – Introduction to Midland Valley, Move and overview of the course – Presentation

09.15-10.00 – Data loading and model building in Move – Exercise

10.00-10.45 – Constrained model building techniques and basic validation tools – Exercise


11.00-12.00 – 2D Restoration – Exercise

12.00-12.45 – Introduction to Move’s advanced modules – Presentation


13.45-15.00 – Fault displacement and seal analysis through geological time – Exercise


15.15-16.30 – Fault Response Modelling; Elastic dislocation theory and application – Exercise

16.30-17.15 – Q&A


To register for this workshop, please email the organisation team at

Please note, due to a limited number of places for this workshop (max. 30 people), registration will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis! Apologies if we are not able to accommodate you on the course.